Self Induced Pain

Hard things are easier in teams and still provide growth. Somebody needs me to help get them through it and vice versa. 

Hard things are easier in teams and still provide growth. Somebody needs me to help get them through it and vice versa. 

Self Induced Pain. Hard things. Tough stuff. Its all the same and it all promotes progress.

I view life like a long climbing wall that reaches up to the sky and through the clouds with an unknown terminal point.

Starting at the bottom and looking towards the heavens I know it's up to me to take the necessary risks and precautions to make my way up that wall as far as I can.

Sometimes the wall is gradual, sometimes its steep, sometimes it feels like I'm just holding on as it slants out over me.

That's life.

Sometimes life feels easy, almost effortless. Other times it feels as though its too difficult. Its almost too hard to hold on, let alone move forward.

What then? What happens on the wall when it gets too difficult? What happens when I can't hold on?

I am not a free soloist (somebody who climbs with zero safety support) so as I’ve been climbing I’ve been setting anchor points along the way. If I fall those anchors are there to stop my fall.

The point to me is to keep climbing. Utilize all the tools and gifts I've been given to go as far as I can go. To find the next foothold and take that step towards the top. 


The anchor points that are drilled the deepest into the wall are SELF induced pain. Hard that things that I accomplished in my life.  

Anchor points are hard things I choose to do daily, weekly, seasonally and annually. Every time I choose to do something hard something inside changes just a little bit.

I get a little more RESILIENT.

Add a little more GRIT to the psyche.

Add a little more CONFIDENCE to my step. .

The daily actions may be as simple as ending with a cold shower in the mornings. Or getting in a tough training session at the local CrossFit gym. It could be trying a new meal plan and following Keto for a few months. Actionable things that prove to myself that I have control and that I am willing to put in the time that my body, mind and spirit need to feel alive.

Those aren't enough.

Those daily actions are the small incremental steps towards something big. A test. An epic challenge.

Kokoro. World's Toughest Mudder. Point 2 Point. Tribute Crucible.


These big events are what I put on the calendar. They make me nervous. They do so because I am outside of my comfort zone. I am beyond my previously held limitations.

I know that I need to put in the WORK to see the RESULTS.

These are the large anchor points that I set in my wall. These are the points that no matter how high I climb they will always be there to catch me. They are an experience to rely on. Tests that reset my calibration for what's POSSIBLE in my life. 

But here's the thing. As I climb I get farther away from these big anchors. When it gets cloudy and rainy on that wall and I can't see below I might forget about where the anchor is and what it taught me.

Its there and it might even take a FALL for me to remember but it will catch me.

How do I shorten the fall?

Set another anchor point. Continue the trek by setting large anchor points multiple times per year. These life events will be great goals to work towards. They keep me focused and driven on the daily actions necessary to succeed.

Take it to life. Set anchor points. Climb fast. Have fun and LIVE!


Speaking of Epic Challenges and Rock Climbing check out this article on Alex Hannold who just free solo climbed El Capitan. Talk about hard things, this is unbelievable. Article HERE.