Tribute Thru Action

Our Crucible


CRUCIBLE : noun  \  cru·ci·ble  \ ˈkrü-sə-bəl\

a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development


What to Expect

This event was the single most defining experience of my life and created memories experiences and bonds that transcends ordinary life.


You will spend 30+ hours in a team-based setting as you face a series of evolutions designed to bring the group together and reflect on the sacrifices of others. The evolutions are designed to challenge your perspectives, assist in personal reflection, and break down the pride we all harbor, by learning first-hand there is strength in humility.

You will pay specific TRIBUTE to the fallen firefighter’s of 9/11. The event will be held on the same weekend as the 16th anniversary of the attacks. The actions of the few to render aid to the lives of the many are a defining human element that we will embrace and respect throughout the event.

This is NOT a boot camp. You will not spend hours in the front leaning rest. Your coaches will not be drill instructors. Coaches are asked to wear a few different hats which include being a mentor, a coach, a teacher, a motivator, an advocate and hopefully by the end a friend.

We are NOT here to wash you out. We are here to provide an experience second to none. To guide you through the experience. If you face a set back we will be there to unplug you, get you some rest and then plug you back in when you are ready so that you can finish as a team.

There will be down time to eat, drink, patch up blisters, change socks, journal, and regroup.

Buuuuut you will not be sleeping...we have a lot to accomplish and not that much time to do it in!

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JJ Peterson,


Steel sharpens steel! Surround yourself with people that are better than you, that inspire you, that make you want to be a better person. I can do hard things. I love people. There’s so much good in this world if we will just focus on the good.  

 – HIIT Trainer and Personal Trainer on Fit to Fat to Fat featured on A&E, 2016 TC Finisher                     



World Class Instructors

Part of our experience involves hands on classes with world class instructors to help 

In the past our instruction has included coaches from various disciplines: Close Quarter Combat Training, Weapons Tactics, Wilderness Medicine and more. Depending on the event you may see a coach from several of these areas all in an effort to help you prepare for those life obstacles. The classes within the event are hands on and help to teach the participants through the action.


Close Quarter Combat (CQC)

Weapons Training

Wilderness Medicine

And much more. 

Always Remember.

Always Ready.





  • You will be fed a total of 6 meals during the event. 
  • There will also be plenty of snacks to grab on the go. 
  • Water and an electrolyte mix will be provided. 
  • If you have special dietary needs be sure to pack what you need, otherwise you will not need to pack in any food. 

Mandatory Gear List

All gear to be stored in a duffle style bag for easy access. You will NOT be carrying this bag with you but will have access to it at times during the event.

  • 1 pair of shoes (2 recommended) (Solomon trail type or Nike Running Boot stye recommended)
  • 3 T shirts 
  • 2 pairs of shorts 
  • 1 swimsuit 
  • 4 pairs of socks 
  • 2 hiking pants 
  • 1 sweat shirt 
  • 1 sweat pant 
  • Emergency blanket 
  • Headlamp w/batteries
  • Personal Blister care 
  • Hydration Pack or Large Water bottles (at least 50oz of water) 
  • Towel 
  • Hat (Boony style recommended) 
  • Sunscreen


During the event transportation is taken care of. You will not be allowed to drive after the event. We HIGHLY recommend you are dropped off at the check in location. You will need to include your post event travel plans to your destination as part of registration.

Day of:

Arrive NO LATER than 8am at the visitor center at Wasatch Mountain State Park:

Address: 1281 Warm Springs Rd, Midway, UT 84049


Check In will consist of a bag check, medical questionnaire review, liability waiver signing, and documented travel plans to post event destination. 

Tribute Team

Our coaches have been asked to wear many hats. At various times throughout the experience they will be your mentors, teachers, coaches and friends.



Tribute Crucible is my passion! It is the culmination of my life’s experiences including attending 1 year at the US Air Force Academy, playing 5 years of collegiate Football at BYU while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Economics culminating in being a free agent draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons. After the pinnacle of my athletic career I searched for my next purpose. I was hired by the Salt Lake City fire department in 2008 and immediately felt inspired and honored to serve my community in this capacity. Everyday I am blessed to continue to feel inspired and honored both by my career as a firefighter but also by my family, my wife Bobbi, and two beautiful children, Brighton and Bo. Without surrounding myself with people better than myself the Tribute Crucible would not have been realized. I look forward to sharing my passion with many more people in the years to come!


Rob Stafford

Coach Rob is the Training Captain with Salt Lake City Fire Department. He is responsible for every recruit academy that comes through Salt Lake City Fire. The recruit academy trains both Salt Lake City Firefighters and Firefighters from other local departments. Rob is passionate about optimal health, functional fitness, and living a balanced life. He is an amazing father to 2 active children, and a devoted husband.   Rob is a tremendous asset to the Tribute Crucible team. His years of experience with the Fire Department and his extensive knowledge of both physical and mental fitness enable him to bring a sought after skillset to this team.

Chris Stowe

Chris Stowe aka “Logistical Ninja,” was the obvious choice for all things engineering and equipment related. Chris is a former CrossFit Regional Individual competitor and competitive Olympic weight lifter. He is an avid Fly Fisher and also works full-time at Mountain America Credit Union as their technical guru.  Chris is a long-time friend and all around good guy. His ability to always stay one step ahead of the group means we Tribute Crucible could not be run without him at the helm!

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